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Lefse is a great snack!

Lefse is a great snack!

"I love to eat lefse spread with lite cream cheese and thinly sliced pastrami and rolled up as a snack or appetizer. Delicious!"
Real Potato Lefse Sent to Your Door

Real Potato Lefse Sent to Your Door

Buy Lefse Here!

LefseStore.com has delicious, made-from-scratch potato lefse ready for your next event. This is lefse made from real potatoes. It is sent by priority mail to your hungry college student, your friends far away, or to grace your table. Order plenty to have on hand. We send it frozen so it arrives safely at your door.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q  Do you offer a warranty on your products?

A    Yes, LefseStore.com offers a 30-day money back customer satisfaction guarantee on its cookware products. This gives you time to receive your shipment and check it for any defects. LefseStore.com wants you to be confident that you have made the right choice by working with LefseStore.com. If you should have concerns about your order, please contact us immediately. LefseStore.com ships its lefse by priority mail, and this lefse can last six days without refrigeration. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a guarantee on the lefse order. Please contact us if something has gone awry. Lefse may not be returned for refunds. Unfortunately, we cannot send lefse to Canada.

Q  What payment methods do you accept?

 We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER CARD, and PAYPAL as payment options at LefseStore.com. Please contact us if you have any other questions regarding payment. American Express is only accepted via PayPal.

Q  What about shipping? 

A We ship our cookware via FedEx Ground (with an occasional USPS), so a house address is required (no P.O. Boxes). These prices are shipping within the continental United States. LefseStore.com offers expedited shipping service for an extra cost if you should need it. Just contact us at customerservice@lefsestore.com or call us at 701-526-1600 for an estimate (e-mail is our best way of communication).Free shipping is offered for all orders $300 and above and that are sent to one address.Customers are responsible for shipping costs on returns unless prior arrangements have been made with LefseStore.com.  

Our lefse is generally shipped via USPS Priority Mail. We ship lefse as quickly as we can so it is fresh to you. However, holiday orders may be delayed and therefore cannot be fully guaranteed. Priority Mail is usually 2-3 days, but not guaranteed. Please do contact us with any concerns. Our shipping and handling charges are as follows:
Shipping and Handling:
You spend $0-35 and shipping & handling = $15.95. You spend $35.01-$70 and shipping = $19.95. You spend $70.01-$100 and shipping = $23.95.You spend $100.01-$150.00 and shipping = $27.95.You spend $150.01-$200 and shipping = $31.95 You spend $200.01-$250 and shipping= $35.95. You spend $250.01-299.99 and shipping= $39.95. 
You spend $300 and above, and shipping is free if it all goes to one address! 
*Canadians and Alaskans: An extra $15-$60 must be added  to cover the added shipping expenses to Canada and north. We apologize for that inconvenience.

Q  Can you ship to Canada?

LefseStore.com can ship to Canada, but we must add a $15-$60 surcharge to cover the extra shipping costs (sorry--we wish it wasn't so!). We will credit you for the regular shipping costs  that we charge for U.S. shipping. We do not ship fresh lefse to Canada. Shipping other products to Canada is by US/Canadian postal service. We do not offer FedEx service to Canada.

Q  May I order by phone or fax?

Yes! Please give us a call at 701-526-1600 so we can get your information and send your products on their way. We will require a valid credit card number to process the order. We are often busy during the day but will return your call either in the evening or the next day. You can also contact us promptly at info@lefsestore.com.

Q. What is Krumkake?

A. Krumkake (pronounced "kroom-ka-ka") is a delicate, round Scandinavian cookie that is shaped on a cone. The tablespoon of batter is baked on a special krumkake iron that has engravings to give it a beautiful lacy design. The krumkake cookie is baked on the special iron one or two cookies at a time. Each cookie is carefully removed from the hot iron and shaped around a special cone roller and cooled. The cone is removed and used to shape the next cookie. Most Scandinavian homes serve krumkake for holidays. They are delicious filled with whipped cream, a dollop of jam, or some other light fruit. To maintain their crispness, krumkake should be stored with wax paper and in cardboard boxes rather than in plastic containers.

Q. Can you use your products on a ceramic or glasstop stove?

A. We don't recommend using cast aluminum or cast iron products directly on your ceramic top stove. It may scratch the surface. The aebleskiver pan and stove-top krumkake iron fit this category. Customers tell us that the heat from a ceramic top stove isn't direct enough for the stove-top krumkake iron. These customers choose the electric krumkake iron. And, the aebleskiver pan may scratch a ceramic-top stove. The stove-top krumkake iron and aebleskiver pans work very well on a conventional electric coil or gas stovetop. Some customers use a separate electric coil hotplate to make these specialties if they own a ceramic cooktop stove. 

Q  What is Lefse?

Lefse (lef'-sa) is a traditional Scandinavian, potato-based, soft flat bread. Lefse is made by combining potato, flour, shortening (or butter), milk, salt, sugar, and water. The dough is rolled very thin and baked on a hot, dry griddle. It is similar to a tortilla, but thinner. It is a Scandinavian snack for anytime of the year, but it is a necessity at the holiday table. 

Q What is your lefse made of?

A This lefse is made with fresh potatoes, enriched white flour (niacin, iron thiamin, mono nitrate, riboflavin, fold acid, enzyme), soybean oil, salt.  No preservatives have been added. Made by Norsland Lefse Bakery in Rushford, MN.

Q What is the nutritional value of Norsland Lefse?

A 2 rounds in a package; one serving is 1/3 round lefse.

Calories per serving:  80

Calories from fat: 15

Total fat per serving: 1.5g

Saturated fat 0g

Trans fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 150mg

Total Carbohydrate 15g

Dietary fiber 1g

Sugars 1g

Protein 2g

Vitamin A 0%

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 0%

Iron 3%

Q How should I thaw the lefse?

A Take the lefse out of the freezer and completely thaw at room temperature (about 1½ hours before serving).  Do not thaw in the refrigerator.

Q What should I do with the lefse when it arrives?

A Our lefse is shipped quick frozen.  If you are not going to eat it right away, it can be refrigerated for 3 to 5 days. Otherwise, it is best if you place it in the freezer the day you receive it.

Q What is the shelf life of the lefse?

A Our lefse does not contain preservatives.  It will stay fresh in the refrigerator about 5 days–less if not refrigerated.

Q How long does the lefse last in the freezer?

A Lefse will keep in the freezer for several months

Q What kind of potatoes are best for making Lefse?

It is generally agreed that russets are best, because they are drier than other types of potatoes. Too much moisture in the potatoes will demand more flour which can make the lefse tougher in texture.  Lefse can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week and in the freezer for up to six months. Keep it sealed in a bag. 

Always keep your lefse dough balls cold and in the refrigerator until you fry each one. Use flour dusted on your pastry cover and rolling pin cover to keep the cold lefse dough from sticking when you are rolling out the dough. You'll get the feel of this after the first couple of tries. 

Q  What kind of lefse griddle is better and how do I take care of it?

LefseStore.com sells both the traditional aluminum lefse grill and the silverstone, nonstick lefse grill. We like the traditional aluminum finish if you will only make lefse on the griddle. If you want to use the griddle for hamburgers, hash browns, pancakes, or something besides lefse, we recommend the nonstick finish for its ease of use. 

This is what our lefse grill manufacturer recommends for caring for your lefse griddle:

Never use products containing grease on an Aluminum finish Lefse Grill if you want to use it for lefse again. The grease will destroy the seasoning that has built up on the grill and make it impossible to prevent the lefse from sticking. Take a small piece of steel wool and go in a circular motion around the surface of the grill (following the original sanding marks). Once you feel you have the sticky spot removed, rub flour onto the surface of the grill, just like when it was new.

Another hint: Make sure the lefse dough is chilled properly, take only a couple of dough balls out of the refrigerator at a time.

If your lefse grill needs to be re-sanded to put back the grooves, the grill may need to be sent in and sanded at the manufacturer's location. To do this send the grill in along with a letter explaining the problems you are having and $10.00 to cover the sanding and the return shipping. 

Q  How do people eat lefse?

We thought you'd never ask! The traditional way is to spread the lefse slice (similar to a pizza slice) with butter and roll it up for a light snack. Others like to put brown or white sugar on that buttered lefse slice. Spread on some peanut butter or jam. Maybe wrap up some scrambled eggs and bacon for a quick breakfast treat. Wouldn't Swedish meatballs taste great wrapped in a piece of lefse? The choices are endless! 

Q  What is your bestselling product?

The electric non-stick krumkake iron and fresh lefse are our bestsellers. We always recommend purchasing an extra rolling cone with the electric krumkake iron so you can make two krumkake at a time.

Q  How do I make my krumkake cone-shaped like in the pictures?

Use a good recipe provided here at LefseStore.com or in your krumkake baker box. You need to work quickly when making krumkake. They need to bake for just a short time on the baker. Quickly remove the cooked dough and immediately roll it around the cone to cool and set. Carefully remove it from the cone and cool. 

A wooden shaping cone is included in both the stove-top and the electric krumkake baking irons. Many customers buy an extra cone to have one krumkake cooling on the cone while another is newly forming.

Q  How many pieces of lefse are in one package?

A  The fresh lefse packages contain 4 (four) big slices of lefse in eah package.

Q  Do you ship lefse any time of the year?

Lefse is available any time of year, though shipping in the heat of summer can be riskier to the survival of the lefse.

Q  Will I be able to make these delicacies in my own home?

Yes! You just need some confidence and a little practice and a spirit of fun. The recipes are all here, and the techniques will come very quickly as you and your loved ones enjoy making (and tasting!) these Scandinavian delicacies.

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What does it cost to ship my items?

What does it cost to ship my items?

Shipping and Handling:
You spend $0-35 and shipping & handling = $15.95. You spend $35.01-$70 and shipping = $19.95. You spend $70.01-$100 and shipping = $23.95.You spend $100.01-$150.00 and shipping = $27.95.You spend $150.01-$200 and shipping = $31.95 You spend $200.01-$250 and shipping= $35.95. You spend $250.01-299.99 and shipping= $39.95. FREE SHIPPING over $300!
Canadians and Alaskans: An extra $15-$45 must be added  to cover the added shipping expenses to Canada and north. We apologize for that inconvenience.

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 Just wanted to let you know that the original lefse did arrive on Monday and after eating it(yummy) it was fine!  My sister-in law ordered some from somewhere [else] and invited me over so we could sample taste test hers cuz she didn't think it tasted right.  After trying yours she defintely said to  tell you that she will be a new customer to your lefse.  Also for Thanksgiving we will be entertaining folks from Nebraska, S. Carolina, and of course have turned some native Floridians over to the taste of lefse. I want to graciously thank you for the extra lefse that did arrive today( 2-day shipping) and please know you have made me continue to be a future customer and a few more will be coming your way.  Again, that you very much and have a Blessed Holiday.