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Lefse--12 pkgs.
Real Potato Lefse Sent to Your Door

Real Potato Lefse Sent to Your Door

Buy Lefse Here!

LefseStore.com has delicious, made-from-scratch potato lefse ready for your next event. This is lefse made from real potatoes. It is sent by priority mail to your hungry college student, your friends far away, or to grace your table. Order plenty to have on hand. We send it frozen so it arrives safely at your door.

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Lefse--24 Sheets
Lefse--12 pkgs.
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Wondering where to get your favorite lefse for the holidays? Right here at LefseStore.com. Order enough for both holidays so everyone gets all the lefse they want. You can always freeze the rest! Remember, free shipping on orders of $300 or more if sent to one address.

Each package holds two (2) large-sized round sheets of made-from-scratch potato lefse. That's 24 sheets of lefse.

We've searched the region to find the best lefse just for you. You'll get that extra hug when you serve this lefse for Thanksgiving and Christmas (and everyday in between!).

Order early for the holidays! This is the best lefse around. This lefse is made at a small town lefse bakery where the bakers have been dedicated to the finest lefse for many years. It can be kept in the refrigerator for about a week and for many months in the freezer. We recommend that you freeze the lefse in a cardboard box to help protect its freshness.

This lefse is made from fresh potatoes and grilled the old-fashioned way--just like Grandma's. Spread your lefse with fruit preserves, cream cheese, or just plain butter. Many folks like to eat lefse with butter and sugar or butter and brown sugar and cinnamon. It is up to you and your family tradition. Or, start a new tradition!

Lefse--24 Sheets of large, 13"round, potato lefse that is fresh-frozen and made-from-scratch. Caution: Allergens for soy and wheat. Dairy free. Each pkg. weighs 8 oz.

This lefse is made with fresh potatoes, enriched white flour (niacin, iron thiamin, mono nitrate, riboflavin, fold acid, enzyme), soybean oil, salt.  No preservatives have been added. Made by Norsland Lefse in Rushford, MN.

What is the nutritional value of this lefse?

2 rounds in a package; one serving is 1/3 round lefse.

Calories per serving:  80

Calories from fat: 15

Total fat per serving: 1.5g

Saturated fat 0g

Trans fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg

Sodium 150mg

Total Carbohydrate 15g

Dietary fiber 1g

Sugars 1g

Protein 2g

Vitamin A 0%

Vitamin C 0%

Calcium 0%

Iron 3%

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 5.0
Submitted by Julie Fitzgerald on Wed 26 Aug 2015 2:34:07 PM GMT
The Georgia Southern BelleMy wife bought me a the deluxe lefse set with the Teflon griddle, wide stick, rolling pin w/cover, rolling sheet -- just the whole deal. The last time I made lefse was about 15 years ago with my ex-wife and we had a real challenge. With the new griddle, our first batch of lefse was edible.

The second batch a week ago was almost as good-as-grandma's. We could see the print on the rolling cloth the lefse was so thin, easily flopped on griddle, and in about 1 minute it bubbled up. She flipped it over with her stick, and the lefse was perfect.

We are really happy with our purchase -- $290 with free shipping. It was a great Christmas present for me and we have both had fun making lefse.

Excellent quality, well made, flawless baking, a great product.
Written by Engineer1911 & theSouthern Belle on Fri 13 Jan 2012 2:27:54 AM GMT
Lots of fond memories of helping my Grandma (from Norway) make lefse every November. We made enough so that we could freeze some for Christmas. My Dad was instrumental in developing and manufacturing of the electric lefse grill that is now sold on this site. My sister makes lefse and I make the krumkake. One hint on krumkake. We went to the lumber yard & bought a stick of dowling that is approximately the same diameter as a nickel. We cut it in 6 inch sections. My krumkake iron is double so help is needed when rolling them. No, I don't make the stinky lutefisk! Written by TRISH on Sat 17 Dec 2011 3:41:46 AM GMT
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What does it cost to ship my items?

What does it cost to ship my items?

Shipping and Handling:
You spend $0-35 and shipping & handling = $15.95. You spend $35.01-$70 and shipping = $19.95. You spend $70.01-$100 and shipping = $23.95.You spend $100.01-$150.00 and shipping = $27.95.You spend $150.01-$200 and shipping = $31.95 You spend $200.01-$250 and shipping= $35.95. You spend $250.01-299.99 and shipping= $39.95. FREE SHIPPING over $300!
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 Just wanted to let you know that the original lefse did arrive on Monday and after eating it(yummy) it was fine!  My sister-in law ordered some from somewhere [else] and invited me over so we could sample taste test hers cuz she didn't think it tasted right.  After trying yours she defintely said to  tell you that she will be a new customer to your lefse.  Also for Thanksgiving we will be entertaining folks from Nebraska, S. Carolina, and of course have turned some native Floridians over to the taste of lefse. I want to graciously thank you for the extra lefse that did arrive today( 2-day shipping) and please know you have made me continue to be a future customer and a few more will be coming your way.  Again, that you very much and have a Blessed Holiday.