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Real Potato Lefse Sent to Your Door

Real Potato Lefse Sent to Your Door

Buy Lefse Here!

LefseStore.com has delicious, made-from-scratch potato lefse ready for your next event. This is lefse made from real potatoes. It is sent by priority mail to your hungry college student, your friends far away, or to grace your table. Order plenty to have on hand. We send it frozen so it arrives safely at your door.

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All of Your Scandinavian Cookware and Baking Tools are Here!

All of Your Scandinavian Cookware and Baking Tools are Here!

Check Out All of Our Scandinavian Products Here!

Check Out All of Our Scandinavian Products Here!

LefseStore.com Has What You Need For Your Scandinavian Cooking
No need to drive around everywhere to find that special baking pan at a store.  Order it right here and enjoy the extra time with your friends and family. Do you need a special gift for a good friend across the country? Send him the meat grinder he's always wanted. Or maybe the newlyweds would love a versatile griddle (that can also be used for lefse!).
Yes, it is true! When you order any items for a total of $300 or more, and *the order is sent to one address, you get free shipping and handling! What could be easier? (Sorry, Canadians, we must still add a small surcharge to your order to cover shipping costs to Canada.) No time on the road, no time looking for the perfect gift, just more time for the other important things in life.
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Aebleskiver PanAebleskiver PanDanish traditional donut balls are often served with fruit preserves or dusted with powdered sugar. They are delicious with morning coffee or afternoon tea. They are also wonderful as a take-along to the family potluck.
Almond Cake Pan and Tray SetAlmond Cake Pan and Tray SetNon-stick almond cake pan with matching white melamine tray. Perfect for that distinct Scandinavian Almond Cake recipe
Cone Roller for Krumkake BakersCone Roller for Krumkake Bakers
Cookie GunCookie GunThis cookie gun makes traditional Scandinavian spritz cookies, almond cookies, and formed cookies of all kinds.
Danish Five of Hearts WafflerDanish Five of Hearts WafflerWaffle iron with Danish Five of Hearts design.
Donut MakerDonut Maker
Fattigmand RollerFattigmand RollerAll-metal roller for making fattigmand cookies
Goro Iron with RingGoro Iron with Ring
Goro Ring Only (Replacement part)Goro Ring Only (Replacement part)Outside stove ring only for 4"x 4 3/4" goro baker
Heritage Lefse Baking KitHeritage Lefse Baking KitEverything you need to get started! The perfect holiday heritage gift for friends and family.
Heritage Lefse Baking Kit-PremiumSilverstone grill, pastry board and cover, corrugated rolling pin, rolling pin covers, "91 Ways to Serve Lefse", lefse mix,  potato ricer, lefse stick and sheath, and lefse cozy. All in one and on sale.
Heritage Lefse Grill--AluminumHeritage Lefse Grill--AluminumHeritage Lefse Grill--Aluminum for making lefse or injera bread
Heritage Lefse Grill--SilverstoneHeritage Lefse Grill--SilverstoneHeritage Lefse Grill--Silverstone for making lefse and other foods on a hot griddle.
Kransekaka PansKransekaka PansMake this special Scandinavian wedding cake easily with our special recipe or just use purchased sugar cookie dough. Bake the dough into perfectly-sized circles using these Kransekaka pans.
Krumkake Baker Non-StickKrumkake Baker Non-StickElectric Krumkake Non-Stick Baker by Cucina Pro
Krumkake MixKrumkake Mix
Lefse 10 pkgs.Lefse 10 pkgs.
Lefse CozyLefse CozySturdy, washable all-cotton double cloth for cooling lefse
Lefse Is Beautiful ApronLefse Is Beautiful Apron
Lefse MixLefse MixLefse mix uses potato flakes as the base for this easy-to-use mix. Saves time, too.
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How to Make Lutefisk

How to Make Lutefisk

How to make Lutefisk
The Holidays are Coming!
Here's some tried and true advice from LefseStore.com
How to Make Lutefisk
That delicious dried and reconstituted cod fish called "lutefisk" (pronounced 'lewd-a-fisk') was a staple for our Christmas Eve dinner in my Norweigan-Swedish home. If the lutefisk wasn't perfect, the Swedish meatballs made up for it. And, of course, the lefse was as abundant as the laughter and anticipation of the evening. Will you be giving it a try this Christmas? It's part of the fun (and jokes) of being of Scandinavian heritage.
Boiling the Lutefisk: (Do not cook in aluminum vessels as it will darken the pan.)  Bring water to boil, add salt (3 T per quart of water) and return to boil. Add fish that has been thawed and sliced into serving pieces and again return to boil, then remove from the heat. Let fish steep for 5 to 10 minutes depending on thickness. Serve at once with melted butter on the side. The lutefisk can also be served with black pepper and additional salt if desired.

Baking the Lutefisk: Place thawed, serving-sized pieces on a shallow glass or metal pan. Bake at 375 degrees for about 20-25 minutes depending on the size of the serving pieces. Do not overbake. Lutefisk should not be mushy, but not too firm, either.Some cooks add salt and pepper during baking, but others of us do not add any spices or butter during baking. Try it both ways and see what your family likes.Serve cooked lutefisk with salt, pepper, and melted butter on the side.

Lutefisk is best served with mashed potatoes, green beans, peas or corn, Swedish meatballs and gravy, lefse, and lots of melted butter.

We at LefseStore.com thank you for your patronage this year and wish you the very best Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Remember that we sell lefse year-round for your eating pleasure.

Making Lutefisk

Making Lutefisk
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What does it cost to ship my items?

What does it cost to ship my items?

You spend $0-35 and shipping = $13.95. You spend $35.01-$70 and shipping = $16.95. You spend $70.01-$100 and shipping = $19.95.You spend $100.01-$150 and shipping = $23.95.You spend $150.01-$200 and shipping = $26.95. You spend $200.01-$250 and shipping= $30.95. You spend $250-$299.99 and shipping is $34.95.
You spend $300 and above, and shipping is free if it all goes to one address! 
Canadians and Alaskans: An extra $15-$60 must be added  to cover the added shipping expenses to Canada and north. We apologize for that inconvenience.

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 Just wanted to let you know that the original lefse did arrive on Monday and after eating it(yummy) it was fine!  My sister-in law ordered some from somewhere [else] and invited me over so we could sample taste test hers cuz she didn't think it tasted right.  After trying yours she defintely said to  tell you that she will be a new customer to your lefse.  Also for Thanksgiving we will be entertaining folks from Nebraska, S. Carolina, and of course have turned some native Floridians over to the taste of lefse. I want to graciously thank you for the extra lefse that did arrive today( 2-day shipping) and please know you have made me continue to be a future customer and a few more will be coming your way.  Again, that you very much and have a Blessed Holiday.