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Scandinavian Recipes
Try These Scandinavian Recipes, Too!

Try These Scandinavian Recipes, Too!

Aebleskiver RecipeYou can make these delicious, sweet donuts (or pancakes, as others call them)
Almond Cake RecipeAlmond Cake Recipe
Easy Pumpkin PieThis pumpkin pie recipe uses the blender and makes its own crust. Also delicious!
Gluten Free Lefse RecipeTry this gluten free lefse recipe for those who want to avoid wheat products.
Grandma's Sugar CookiesGrandma's Sugar CookiesTry out this recipe for Swedish sugar cookies make by Grandma herself. They're sweet, delicious, and full of good Scandinavian heritage memories.
Injera Bread RecipeInjera Bread RecipeUse this free recipe to make Ethiopian injera bread, that special bread used by Ethiopians and Eritreans as the foundation for their meals. Injera bread becomes the utensil by which to eat the stews, meats, and eggs so deliciously made by Ethiopians and Eritreans.
JulekakaMake this fresh scented Christmas bread with cardamon and citron and powdered sugar frosting. Delicious fresh or toasted.
Juneberry PieMake this delicious recipe for Juneberry pie from LefseStore.com
Krumkake RecipeKrumkake Recipe
Mother's Day Cake from Norway (Blotkake)Mother's Day Cake from Norway (Blotkake)Make a traditional Norwegian holiday cake
Pie CrustThese are our favorite pie crust recipes. They are easy to roll and come out flaky.
Potato Sausage RecipePotato Sausage Recipe (Korv)
Rhubarb FavoritesRhubarb FavoritesCheck out these LefseStore.com favorite rhubarb recipes for pie and sauce.
RommegrotRommegrotTry this easy microwave recipe for Scandinavian milk soup known as Rommegrot. Served with melted butter, cinnamon, and sugar.
Rosette RecipeRosette Recipe
Spritz Cookie RecipeSpritz Cookie Recipe
Swedish Pancakes
Waffle RecipeMake your own delicious sweetheart waffles using the special Danish Five-of-Hearts Waffler. This recipe works well with the waffler.
Shrove Tuesday BunsMake these sweet Swedish Lenten buns.
Easter Dinner MenuEaster Dinner MenuEnjoy a traditional Midwest Easter dinner with baked ham, greenbean casserole, candied yams, curried fruit, and lefse.
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Making Lefse

Making Lefse

"I make sure my lefse dough balls are cold before I roll them out for baking. And, I only take out one at a time from the refrigerator. That way they're not so sticky and much easier to roll."
Real Potato Lefse Sent to Your Door

Real Potato Lefse Sent to Your Door

Buy Lefse Here!

LefseStore.com has delicious, made-from-scratch potato lefse ready for your next event. This is lefse made from real potatoes. It is sent by priority mail to your hungry college student, your friends far away, or to grace your table. Order plenty to have on hand. We send it frozen so it arrives safely at your door.

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Free Recipes for Scandinavian Foods

Free Recipes for Scandinavian Foods

Lefse Recipes
LefseStore.com Offers Several Free Scandinavian Recipes for
You to Try with Your New Cookware
Looking for a great little recipe book loaded with Scandinavian recipes? Then check out Julia Peterson Tufford's Original Scandinavian Recipes available here at LefseStore.com. You'll find a recipe for all of your favorite tasty memories in this great cookbook. 
1. Peanut Butter and Jam Roll-Ups: Spread peanut butter and jam on a round of lefse. Cut the circle in 8 pie-shaped pieces. Roll up each piece and serve on a plate.
2. Soft Taco Wrap: spread a small lefse round with taco meat, lettuce, cheese, and salsa. Roll-up and enjoy.
3. Cream Cheese and Salmon Roll-Ups: Spread a round of lefse with softened cream cheese. Spread salmon on top of the cream cheese. Cut the lefse in long strips and roll up each strip. 
4. Egg Salad Sandwich Bites: Place a dollop of egg salad on a small pie-shaped wedge of lefse. Roll up the lefse into smaller bite-sized pieces.

Lefse Recipes

In order to have your potato lefse turn out tender and tasty be sure to preheat your grill for 10-15 minutes at the highest position on your dial. This should brown your lefse on both sides in just a short while. This will usually be at 500 degrees.

After baking a few rounds, the dial can be turned down to give the heat you like best.

Recipe using Pillsbury Hungry Jack Potato Flakes 

3 cups potato flakes 
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup butter or margarine (use butter for best flavor)
3/4 cup water (approximately)
1 cup milk
1 cup flour  

Combine Potato Flakes and salt in mixing bowl. 

Place the quarter cup of butter in a 1-cup measuring cup and add water to make a full 1-cup measure. Transfer to saucepan and bring to a boil. Add this to the dry mixture and mix well with fork.  Add milk and mix well. Refrigerate until mix is completely chilled. Do not let the surface get dry. 

When dough is chilled, work in flour with your hands. Form into balls, a little larger than a golf ball size, and place in container lined with a towel. Refrigerate overnight. 

The next day, roll out the dough very thin on a cloth-covered pastry board dusted with flour. Bake on the Heritage Grill that has been preheated to 500 degrees. This recipe makes approximately 12 lefse. 

Lefse with Cooked Potatoes 

8 cups riced, cooked potatoes (16-20)
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup whipping cream
1 tablespoon salt
4 cups flour 

Peel potatoes and cook. Drain. Rice the potatoes in a ricer. Some bakers put the potatoes through the ricer twice. Add butter, cream, and salt. 

Let the mixture stand until cold--this is very important! Refrigerate overnight, if possible, but don't let the top get dry. 

Mix in flour and roll into balls about the size of a tennis ball or smaller. Keep the balls of dough in a cake pan in the refrigerator and take out one ball of dough at a time. 

Roll out the ball of dough paper thin on a lightly floured, cloth-covered board. Work the rolling pin back and forth and at many angles to form the lefse circle. 

Bake on the Heritage Grill at 500 degrees, flipping from one side to the other midway. You'll know the lefse is ready to flip when you see bubbles rise from the middle and the beginnings of large brown spots on the other side.

Cool between folded towels. Lefse may be frozen for several months.

Lefse Without Potatoes--submitted by Ellen Rittenhouse, one of our readers

Lefse from the kitchen of Minnie Limbo

1 qt. whole milk                   2/3 stick real butter
1/2 c. whipping cream           1 T. salt

Bring to full rolling, almost to the top of pan (WATCH!) in large heavy pan (4qt. Size).  Remove from heat and add all at once: 3 1/2 cups minus 2T unsifted flour. Mix well quickly and set aside to cool slightly.  Cooling can be hastened by spreading mixture in blobs on a large tray or platter.  As soon as it can be handled, knead, using a small amount of flour and form in a long roll. Slice off; roll paper thin with corrugated rolling pin on pastry canvas and bake on very hot griddle or lefse baker, turning to brown evenly.

Minnie Limbo was my Grandmother.  She lived in NE Nebraska until her death in 1981.  Her parents immigrated to the USA in the mid-1870's from Nord Aurdal, Valdres, Norway.

Lefse was made using this recipe each Christmas by my mother, Inez Knudson, in NE Kansas.  After moving to MN in 1974 I learned about potato lefse but have not made that kind.  When I make it I go back to Grandma's recipe!

Hardanger Lefse

from Wanda and Kathy in Litchville, ND

 My mother made Hardanger always for Christmas, but she says she never had a recipe, just dumped!  Anyway, here's the recipe.
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup white sugar
2 rounded tsp. baking powder
pinch of salt
2 beaten eggs
flour to make soft dough (4 to 5 cups)
Mix well.  Roll thin on a pastry cloth and bake on a lefse grill.  I find I have the best luck rolling if I keep the dough soft.  Throw a large dollop of dough on a well floured pastry cloth, roll in flour, then roll out.  This lefse contains baking powder so it does rise slightly when baked.  It also becomes somewhat hard and should be softened to serve.  To soften wet both sides of the sheets with water (I actually put them under the faucet) then put between sheets of waxed paper.  I first lay down a dish towel, put a wet lefse on that, then wax paper, another lefse, wax paper, etc. covering with the dish towel.  Soak only as many lefse as you will use.  Let them stand for about 15 to 20 minutes, then butter and sprinkle on sugar & cinnamon, or brown sugar, fold in half and cut in wedges.  My family prefers these over potato lefse.  I don't make them real often, but try to make them every Christmas.
The krina lefse is made similar to the hardanger, but after it is baked on the lefse grill, you put the "kri" on it ( to me it's kind of like a paste) which is spread with the "Krina fork".  The krina fork looks a little like a paint spreader.  For years, my mother never had a real fork so she used part of a hand held hair clipper.  She later got a real fork from someone who visited from Norway.  She had hosted them to dinner and they had asked if there was anything she would like, so she asked for a real krina fork which they sent to her from Norway.  It is a metal peice with a handle that is zig zag on the end.  You use this to spread the "Kri" and we would make a design with it.  The lefse is then rebaked (kind of dried) in a conventional oven.  It too must be soaked before serving.  I've never made it my self, but helped Ma with it when I was a kid. 

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Lefse Dough Ready for Rolling

Lefse Dough Ready for Rolling

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 Just wanted to let you know that the original lefse did arrive on Monday and after eating it(yummy) it was fine!  My sister-in law ordered some from somewhere [else] and invited me over so we could sample taste test hers cuz she didn't think it tasted right.  After trying yours she defintely said to  tell you that she will be a new customer to your lefse.  Also for Thanksgiving we will be entertaining folks from Nebraska, S. Carolina, and of course have turned some native Floridians over to the taste of lefse. I want to graciously thank you for the extra lefse that did arrive today( 2-day shipping) and please know you have made me continue to be a future customer and a few more will be coming your way.  Again, that you very much and have a Blessed Holiday.